Rooted book by Sue Spargo
Sue spargo

Rooted book by Sue Spargo

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Finished size 20 1/2" x 23 1/2"

This is Sue Spargo's pattern book for her Block of the Month,  Rooted, a wool appliqued and embroidered quilt.

You will need a copy of Sue Spargo’s  Creative Stitching book for the stitch instructions. 

If you enjoyed stitching Chirp, you are going to love creating Rooted! Rooted, a continuation of Sue's small studies, takes you on an exploration of trees. Immerse yourself in the foliage, branches, and blooms, from the five-petal, vivid red-orange Flowering Quince to the tropical Golden Dewdrop, with its vibrant violet-blue flowers and golden berries. Learn basic background layering techniques for cotton fabrics and tips and tricks to make cotton applique a breeze! Learn how to add textural background stitching and how to enhance each element with expertly selected embroidery stitches, bringing each block to life!

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