August Classes added

We have TWO new classes for August! 

The first is a seriously cool little bag that has as many uses as it does pockets. It measures around 10" long and 6" high, so it's not huge, but a great size you would use to put all your bits and pieces in for travel, art, toiletries, sewing retreats/classes, school, your chocolate bar collection etc etc. 

It uses lots of small pieces of fabric, so there's your stash reduced, and you'll love it so much you'll be making one for all of your friends and family, so there's Christmas sorted as well!

The second class is the cutest little Teddy Bear, designed by local woman Yvonne Spencer-Hoskin. This little guy/gal is made from a fat quarter of woven wool such as a fine blanket or new piece of wool. You can embellish it before you sew, or add to it when you're done, to give it a personality of it's own. Don't expect to be able to give your first one away, you'll want it yourself!

Little "Violet-Rose", as Yvonne calls her, stands 11" high. Yvonne will show you her tips and techniques to sew, joint and stuff to perfection! Check out the Class page on the website for details.

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