Lyric Kinard's Elements of Art Quilts, Lecture Tour coming to Greymouth!

kinard lyric

Lyric Kinard is back from Quilting Symposium on a NZ wide Lecture Tour.

Kick start your creativity and learn about the basic elements and principles of good design.

Learn why some colours fizz while others explode, why some quilts calm and others excite.

This lecture will help you learn a few simple tools from the Artist's Kit that will help take your work, whether traditional or contemporary, to the next level.

Lyric translates the language of art into delightful and simple to understand concepts and presents them in such and entertaining and practical way that everyone goes home thinking "I can do that!" She is on a crusade to convince every quilter that they can use the principles of art in whatever kind of quilts they love to create.


Audience participation keeps viewers engaged after the lights go down and the quilts go up.


Entry is $5, a light supper provided.

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